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Everybody has a camera nowadays and so can capture everyday’s life.  We believe however that you need something more, in order to go beyond the trivial images and instead transform everyday life into photographs that tell a story and capture the emotions of the moment.

The small feet, tiny hairs, and soft skin of a newborn, the love that you feel when you take the baby in your arms; your three year old daughter's blonde curly hair blowing in the wind or the joyful laughter of you son when he throws leaves in the air; all these are stories we try to tell through our photographs.

Pictures become more valuable with time because they capture beautiful moments and transform them into precious memories for you and your entire family.

Our Lifestyle packages start at 190 euro for 20 retouched images. Sessions last 1 – 2 hours and pictures can be downloaded from a personalized online gallery. You can also order different size prints and canvases.

Contact us for more details or to schedule a session. We would love to hear from you.

 Yani et Veronica