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He is 10 today

September 03, 2015  •  9 Comments

Dear Daniel,

I know it’s a cliché but time does fly away very fast. Especially when a little peanut is growing up in front of you. It really seems like yesterday that we took you home from the hospital and I couldn’t stop watching you and thinking how perfect you are. Today you are 10 and my heart is bursting with love and pride of the boy you have become.

I love listening to you playing the violin. The things you like the most at school are maths and reading. I’m glad you are my little book warm because books don’t have boundaries in time, space and ideas and they can open your mind in a way nothing else can.

You are often very stubborn but you always know what you want and the way you want it. You have lots of friends and you feel complete when you are around them. I remember one weekend you were upset and cried a lot because you had quarreled with one of your best friends at school over a football game. He told you he didn’t want to be your friend any more. On the next Monday morning the boy came to sit next to you in the bus that took us to school. You started chatting and you were again the happiest boy in town.

You are brave and you are not afraid of falling. Your knees and elbows are covered with scratches, scrapes and bruises. You like climbing on the trees and riding bikes with the kids from the neighborhood. Recently you told me that you don’t want me to kiss you in front of your friends when I leave you at school in the morning and yet at home you melt into my arms every evening. I cover you with kisses and you absently reach for a single strand of my hair for comfort.

Love deeply and live boldly,my little boy, surround yourself with love and friends. Be brave and merciful and move forward with courage and grace. Believe in yourself and remember what I always tell you - impossible things do not exsit.

Happy birthday, mon loulou!


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